Monday, 11 May 2015

The Road by Patrena Miller

Title: The Road


Tired of being a wallflower with her friends and a goodie-two-shoe with her parents; Bethany goes through every young woman’s trials… finding a man. Bethany is a woman with many possibilities but she always seem to choose the wrong guy to date. Having a hard time finding Mr. Right, Bethany relies on her best friend Dottie to help her mingle and stop being single. She felt that looking for love could never hurt, as the two ventured out into the world web of lies and freaks. Fed up they end up at a bar where singles meet and greet. She has a choice between a guy who looks the part with a troubled past or the guy who is well proportioned and is giving her very little to go on. Just when she thinks she has things under control, the balance of things stirs up tragedy and forces her to fight for her life.


New Adult
Thriller, Romance
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Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance
New Adult Romance
Suspense Romance
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