Friday, 29 May 2015

The Last Ranger of Sarn by Ed Ireland

Title: The Last Ranger of Sarn

Series: The Chronicles of the Huntress


Locked within the fabled Castian city of Tiran sits the Vault of Sarnallus and the Gems of Creation. Powerful orbs that can bring life or total annihilation. The King of Castia has trusted his military under the command of General Salaris Woodward to stop the advance of the undead army that comes for the treasure.
At the front of this unimaginable horror is The Black Prince, Romero Harram. After killing his father the Prince turns his eyes to the rest of his lands of Bardynn and beyond, to Castia. General Merrin Jaslin, now considered a Bardynnian rebel, leads the remaining loyal Knights of the Crescent Moon to the Pass of Sarn.
While he sits south of the pass, General Woodward sits north with her Sarnian Rangers. With her is the Castian Militia led by Vespias Firstlight. Vespias has been called the Hali'Khal by the Junin people...the daughter of the land who will save their people by her noble deeds. Despite the fact that the Junin are the enemies of her own people, she must fulfill the prophecy to save the Castian people from genocide.
However, the prophecy calls for a terrible price to be paid before she can fulfill it. She must lose her faith, her hope and her heart. All that she was, all she is and all she can ever be must be lost.
Is the price too high? Can she overcome the heartache to bring hope to the Castian people? In this tale of power and passions, love, lust and survival can Vespias pay the toll to save her world? Ride into battle along with her and see...


Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy