Wednesday, 27 May 2015


“Self-published authors are “dominating traditionally published authors” in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/thriller, and romance genres but — and here is the surprise — they are also taking “significant market share in all genres.” – Surprising Self-Publishing Statistics,Publishers Weekly, July 28, 2014

When you read the quote above what do you think? Are you surprised? Mad? Thrilled? We’re here to tell you that your Indie Quotient is not something we’re going to quantify. However, we want to see your Indie prowess and pride! To that end, you are cordially invited to join the first ever #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge!

Show your deep knowledge, love and passion for your favorite Indie books, series and authors by joining this Twitter 10-Day Challenge. You’ll get a new challenge every day for 10 days starting Monday, June 1st through Wednesday, June 10th, 2015!

You won’t know what’s coming next! You’ll have to use your Indie ingenuity, your creativity and your special Indie verve in order to come out victorious at the end of this 10-day challenge.

And what do you get out participating in this fun-filled exhilarating non-stop Indie fun parade? (Other than the sheer joy of sharing your most favorite awesome Indie faves…)


1st Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

2nd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 4 Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

3rd Prize – Choice of 3Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

That’s it! Those are the mega awesome prizes in this first #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge.

Are you game? Ready for Day 1? You don’t have long to wait! We start Monday, June 1st, 2015!!

Get your Indie Game Face on as we start our #IndieRoar!

IndieRoar Cat
Thanks Marnie Cate for this awesome pic!!!
 The Not-So Fine Print: There is one teensy thing we’d love to mention.  And this goes for the winners, and all of you readers out there.  Ahem.   I know you know just like you know I know that you know that the best EVER gift you can bestow upon your favorite author is…YUP!  A book review!  If you are so moved (to tears, to rage, to joy, to blissful ecstasy…) we would love for you to share your book-ly book-tactular passion with others on your favorite site(s)!