Friday, 29 May 2015

Blood Moon Sacrifice by Ed Ireland

Title: Blood Moon Sacrifice

Series: The Chronicles of the Huntress


The heroes of Castia have been forgotten by the corrupt government. When Vespias returns home for a visit with her family, events begin to take place that will plunge not only Castia into war again, but half the known world as well.
The Black King Romero has devised a plan to weaken the forces surrounding his fortress/prison in Icea. He sends a massive mercenary army towards Navvas. At the same time, he incites the Prince of Castia to enter into a civil war to prevent a coup from dethroning him. The only ally the Castian have is the Crescent Moon Knights of Bardynn. Vespias is made aware of this new threat that will destroy her home. With a firm commitment by the Regent of Tiran towards democracy, she assembles her own allies, the Junin and the Gar'vothian armies to add to Salaris' army in Navvas.
However, as if the threat of Romero and a civil war was not enough of a problem for the Huntress, a mysterious cult rises in the southern jungles of Gemmal. This "Cult of the Blood Moon" will draw the fierce Gyrnnalli warriors into a battle that might just aid Romero's release after all. Vespias must now coordinate attacks on three fronts in her own lands as well as one across the seas. While she must do all of this to insure Romero remains in his self-made prison, she must also battle the inner demons she still carries that manifest in her flasks of spirits that lead to far too many drunken nights.
Blood Moon Sacrifice is a thrilling return to the lives of Vespias and her family. Their world is revealed a little more and maps are now included so that you, the reader, can look at the places and see what Vespias, her allies and her enemies see.


Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy


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