Thursday, 7 May 2015

She's Not Worthy by Patrena Miller

Title: She's Not Worthy

Series: She's Not Worthy


A woman doesn’t have to speak what she’ll do all of the time; she’s crafty for that… she will merely show you. Sean goes full circle before he gets the full understanding of how low down and dirty a woman can be; while he is engaged in her arduous labor.
Finding out that your ex will only remember you as an ex in their life with no chance of advancing; Wendy craftiness bring things to a halt for Sean and she once again delivers an act that he cannot ignore. Slapped with the words no man wants to hear from their ex, he was forced to wrap his mind around her once again.
Wendy’s toils of dismay has wedged itself in-between Sean and his line of happiness. Making his life difficult, she positioned herself in the one place she knew she was never welcomed at.


Erotic Romance
New Adult Romance
Suspense Romance