Thursday, 14 May 2015

First Life by Stella Bonanno

Title: First Life

Series: Life Unveiled


“I only hope as dangerous as he is, his danger will be the very thing that saves me. But, it could also be the very thing that destroys me.”
19 year old Katarina Levy has only ever wanted to live a normal life away from the dangers and confinements of her deranged father, a Russian crime boss.
Lost in a haze of confusion, Kat awakens in the dead of night abandoned miles from home, deep in the forest. She is left wondering if this could be the bitter ending of her life or the sweet redemption she’s been longing for?
…Until she finds solace in two brothers.
Brothers, Michael and Chris Cage, experienced an upbringing full of betrayal - torment no children should ever endure. All grown up, the brothers now strive to live a semi-normal life, all the while secluded from society deep in the woods of Abbotsford, British Columbia.
…But when the past catches up to the present, decisions are forced to be made, directly effecting their relationships.
"Not truly believing he would hurt me—until, he did and I proved myself wrong. I only became vulnerable to his brutality"


New Adult
New Adult Romance
Suspense Romance

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