Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Summer of Change: Nicole's Story by Violet Christian

Title: The Summer of Change: Nicole's Story

Series: The Summer of Change



Nicole Mayer's summer isn't going the way she planned. Shocked when her best friend Lea's mom gets diagnosed with cancer, she gets a real life reality check. Her first job at a local diner seems like the perfect distraction until one of her coworkers turns out to be someone that she would rather avoid at all costs. From there her life slowly starts to turn into chaos as she's drawn to a boy that she swore to hate and is forced to lie to her mom on a regular basis. Follow Nicole as she tries to fix the mess she makes without her best friend there to help her along.
**(This book can be read as a stand alone or as a companion to book 1. It is about Nicole's life and from her point of view. Though the girls spend most of the summer apart, there are a few instances where the stories intermingle and it follows along the same timeline as book one.)


Young Adult
Coming of Age
Contemporary Romance


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