Sunday, 5 July 2015

Finding Jane by Steve Pearse

Title: Finding Jane

Series: D I Suzanne Collins series


Months of constant rain and bad weather have lead to a landslip in the shadows of Whitby's iconic Abbey, unearthing the body of an unknown female in its wake. Who is she? How long has she been there,how and why did she end up there? Detectives Neil Maughan and Suzanne Collins need answers but find only further questions and difficulties as they seek to find the killer. Jane Hammond, reported as a missing person by frantic parents, is a young woman searching for and finding her true self, a person far removed from her strait laced and naive upbringing. Finding Jane examines the ebbs and flows of the murder investigation as it follows Jane's metamorphosis into a sexually promiscuous woman until fate takes its course.


Police Procedural