Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Monuments of Panda Johnson - Book One by Panda Johnson

Title: The Monuments of Panda Johnson - Book One

Series: Panda Johnson


Do you fee like you want to read something just that little bit different? A sci-fi story that will make you laugh? The monuments of Panda Johnson is the book for you. Follow Panda, the toasted rice pudding sandwich loving alien and friends in their bizarre, funny and unique journey across the Universe, as they fend off forces of evil, clones, aliens and overly large cannibals in way too small silver bikinis. Will Alice, the fluffy headed, mutating transgendered, invisible rabbit adoring, potential love interest to Panda get her man? Can bambii, whose limited vocabulary, ever convey her true feelings to Blinknott, Pandas best fiend? See the overly large chested Misty harangue Dang, the ex-Ohm Monk who so desperately needs a wash and more socks. See them, and others fight against the forces of evil... Genevieve and Lord Overworn. Find out why there is a rubber duck on the cover. Can an interstellar warship really be powered by a record player? We say no! How good can a torturer with a stammer be? Just how does a tiger disguise himself in a Bakers? What does the Council of Ohm and missing socks have to do with Mlikht Nak de Tor? What does that even mean? And why is there a Seagull in a cardboard box? Puzzled? I sure hope so. The first of the Panda Johnson trilogy will leave you desperate for more.


Science Fiction



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