Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Derailed by Lisa Marie

Title: Derailed

Series: Terminal


Being the drummer in a band with his cousin as the lead singer and his best friend playing guitar is a dream come true for Desmond Charter. Not only does it give him what he's always craved, it gives him a direct pass to the ladies.
Terminal is almost constantly on tour. Since the band doesn’t really stay in one place long enough, Desmond doesn’t have much time to get attached and set up roots, which is fine by him. While his cousin is busy finding love, Desmond is still living his life the way he wants to.
Desmond comes first.
Until he meets Lexi, a fiery redhead who has a sassy look and tongue to match.
Will Desmond change for the one girl who keeps his attention for longer than a minute? Or will he continue on his road to nowhere?


Erotic Romance
Women's Fiction



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