Monday, 20 July 2015

Kieran the Pirate by Cleo deLancey

Title: Kieran the Pirate


Kieran has a problem. He wants to be a scary pirate, but only has a pirate hat. His extended family helps him by using ordinary items found at home: a cardboard sword, turned down rubber boots, a winter scarf for a sash, a stuffed bird, a felt eyepatch...

When reading this easy reader with your children, enhance their prediction skills by asking, "What does a pirate wear?" or "What else does a pirate need for his costume?"

Ask them if they have an auntie, grandmother, brother, cousin etc and what their names are to help them establish titles of family members.

Help them learn the lines in the book that are repetitive so as to feel like successful readers. They can predict the next item of the costume by connecting to the clues in the illustrations.

Play a dress up game to act out the book (you may want to prepare ahead of time).

DOES Kieran become a scary pirate?
Enjoy the humorous ending!
And enjoy the lively illustrations by artist, Denis Proulx.


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