Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Fine Line the Beginning by JC Brennan

Title: A Fine Line the Beginning


When you are a soldier, the thought of getting back to your family, without being surrounded by a pine box, is what keeps you going. This line of thinking was no different for William T. Healthaway, a Union soldier fighting in the battle of Pickett's Mill . However, William would find out living through this battle would only throw him into a whirlwind of an abnormal variety of hell. He had no way of knowing he had a more sinister war awaiting him when and if he did return home. The war awaiting his homecoming was a war that had been raging for hundreds of years; a war that would lead him into a world he had never known or believed existed.

After his commitment to a battle of freedom, William is vaulted into a merciless coldblooded war of the ancients. He is plunged into a world of mystery filled with intrigue, deception, death, temptation, and powers. He finds himself in a world that takes him beyond any reality he once had known. He becomes aware that his friends and their relationships are not by chance but they have been brought together by forces beyond their wildest imagination. However, with every miraculous power revealed comes with sinister evil.

In the ongoing Fine Line story, A Fine Line the Ancients, the Crew has figured out how different they are from other humans. Their ties to the ancient tribe had given them powers. But, not even, the powers bestowed on them cannot prepare them for what happens next. The secrets of the ancients are slowly revealed but with each secrete exposed there is a price.
The crew is not prepared for what is before them when they learn the past they had thought to be true has been forged. The astonishing truth will either make the crew stronger or tear them apart and the weight of this lies on William’s shoulders. He knows if he is unsuccessful in keeping the crew together the consequences will be dire for humanity.
As more of the ancient’s secrets are revealed, the crew is finding it difficult to imagine all that lies in wait for them. They are not prepared when they learn who their rival, the future dark queen, actually is. With this new knowledge, complications begin to mount and how to deal with her commanding undying blood lust for revenge; a revenge that is filled with an unparalleled malevolent hatred which will cost the crew dearly in the end. How will the crew handle the merciless blood thirsty battles the impending dark queen incites? Who will live and who will die in the continuing story of A Fine Line, The Ancients part I?


Dark Romance
Historical Fiction