Monday, 27 April 2015

Under A Bourbon Street Moon by K. M. McFarland

Title: Under A Bourbon Street Moon

Series: Vampyr


Welcome to VAMPYR... the hottest music club on Bourbon Street owned by the hottest vampire, Quinn Forrester. Quinn and his vampire lover, Giselle, seem to have the perfect romance, but their relationship is put to the test when a beautiful mortal woman from his past and an adorable country singer, who has just arrived from Nashville with her own connection to Quinn, enter his world. While Quinn battles a past that has suddenly come back to haunt him, Giselle must decide if love is enough to save their turbulent relationship. Meanwhile, a female ghost from the nineteenth century, discovered in Quinn's Garden District home, is revealed to have a close connection to his daughter Nadia's boyfriend, Tristan, while someone from Nadia's past resurfaces who will change her world forever.


Dark Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy