Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Malachy's Unit by Claire Plaisted

Title: Malachy's Unit

Series: Garrett Investigation Bureau (GIB)


Garrett Investigation Bureau was established in New York in the 1980’s by Joseph Garrett, and funded by his friend; Christopher Carrington.

Malachy Garrett is the son of Joseph and Maria.

The Journey starts in “Malachy’s Unit” where Mal has taken over the company due to the murder of his father. His mother died when he was a child.

Malachy dislikes the office grind, he wants excitement back in his life and be in the field. He was never one to like paperwork. Over the last few years, this was all he’d done, handing out assignments to his agents, one in particular had caught his notice.

Anastasia Belaruski is a mystery in many ways though an excellent agent who was trained by her Aunty with Joseph Garretts approval, both are now dead and with them went Anastasia’s secret, or so they thought.

Anastasia fights the attraction to her new boss, and heads out to finish her assignment only to open a can of worms of family relationships neither knew existed, never mind a possible double agent in the company.

Will they recover from their shocking discoveries? Will their desire for each other escalate into a relationship? Read on and find out.


Erotic Romance
Women's Fiction