Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ryan's Madam by Claire Plaisted

Title: Ryan's Madam

Series: Garrett Investigation Bureau (GIB)


The latest book in the Garrett Investigation Bureau Series, brings FBI Agent Thomas Ryan in to work with Sylvia and Eric on finally closing down the prostitution ring.

Sylvia is frustrated with how things are going, Eric is having nightmares and wants the assignment over and done with when Agent Thomas Ryan walks in.

Meanwhile Blaze Carrington once again escapes his judgement day, the trial scrapped he goes into hiding to plan his next big adventure after taking over his grandfathers enterprise. Unknowingly walking into something he may not escape alive.

Working with Agent Ryan, the gentle giant of the FBI, and the GIB Agents find more than they bargained for, with many twists and turns, laughter, romance things finally blow and the climax has at least one head rolling.


Erotic Romance
Women's Fiction