Friday, 10 April 2015

To Dance with Ugly People by Lorene Hill

Title: To Dance with Ugly People


Troubled by the constant battle of man versus women, ridiculed for, “looking white,” naive and lonely, Dani Marie Dobson experiences her first romance at the age of sixteen. A romance with the controlling, manipulating and charming, Dane Ransom. For Dani, the victory of marriage gives her hope. She marries, at the age of 18, but experiences the ravages of his drug abuse, suffers psychological cruelty, and agonizes over the fanatical love he has for her.

Weak and devastated, Dani finds herself the mother of a young son, thrown out of the house by Dane and divorced. She is deeply disturbed by her inability to control the utter destruction of her life. Amongst a roller coaster of compulsive emotions, twists and turns, she finds love again in her greatest muse, an older man, Chancellor Wiley.

Haunted by her own personal ghosts Dani can't seem to live her life to its fullest. If Dani could save herself and overcome the brutal shadows of darkness that follow her, as she experiences the feelings of love, desire, fear and remorse - she could experience the romance of a lifetime. This thrilling romance, with its powerful sense of real angst, will show you how the good can be sensitively written, the bad is the reality of life and the ugly are the things in life we hope will never happen to us. Maybe dreams can come true. Against all odds!


Suspense Romance