Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach by Bronwen Webb

Title: The Legend of Wild Horse Beach

Series: Worlds of Magic


If magic gateways led from this world to other worlds, where would those gateways take you? Millie and her friends, Kate and Tom, are confronted with just this situation when Millie's annoying older sister, Lucinda, disappears from Wild Horse Beach in mysterious circumstances linked to an ancient legend. The only way for Millie and her friends to save Lucinda is to invoke the legend and follow her through a magic gateway into another world. Entangled in a battle between unicorns, dragons and terrifying enemies, the children discover there is no way back to the human world without permission from the unicorn king, but that permission has a price that must be paid in a dangerous quest. The Legend of Wild Horse Beach is a coming-of-age fantasy adventure for middle grade readers.


Kid Lit