Friday, 12 June 2015

#IndieRoar Challenge Winners

And the moment you've all been waiting for!  And the winners are --- wait! There's a tie for first place! 

Kelly Sedinger - @Jaquandor - 1st Prize

Rose English - @RoseEnglishUK - 1st Prize

T.W. Barton - @TyWadeBooks - 3rd Prize

AND, there's one more surprise winner!

Bonus Winner for Participation & Enthusiasm: Phillip T. Stephens - @stephens_pt

What's your book prize loot?  Check them out below!  To claim your prizes, please email: noveldreams2007 at gmail dot com.

Author NameBook TitleGenreFormat# of Copies
Barbo, HollySunstoneSteampunk ThrillerDigital1
Barret, TabithaThe Third Throne: Angel of DarknessParanormal RomancePrint (Signed)1
Caldwell, AngelaThe Last OrderSciFi/Fantasy – YAPrint (Signed)1
Caldwell, AngelaThe Last OrderSciFi/Fantasy – YADigital2
Campbell, RochelleFury From HellParanormal ThrillerDigital3
Campbell, RochelleMaking Dollars & Sense WorkPersonal Finance/
Credit Repair
Print (Signed)1
Cate, MarnieRemember: Protectors of the Elemental MagicFantasy – YAPrint1
Chioffi, BarbaraAngel MineErotic FantasyDigital1
Chioffi, BarbaraLycan LoveErotic FantasyDigital1
Comnick Straughan, MorganSpirit VisionChristian Fantasy – YADigital1
Dawn, CKCloak of ShadowsFantasy – YADigital1
Franklin, MichelleKhantara: Volume 1SciFi/FantasyDigital1
Guy, RyanAtomic AardvarkSciFi/FantasyPrint (Signed)1
Guy, RyanAtomic AardvarkSciFi/FantasyDigital2
Keller, K.J.The ThreesRomanceDigital3
Keller, K.J.Africa Bush Creatures Safari Facts from A-ZEducational - ChildrenDigital1
Lynne, PatriciaBeing HumanSupernatural – YADigital1
Lynne, PatriciaSnapshotsSupernatural – YADigital1
Mapstone, DeidreSigrun, The Bandamann SagaFantasy – YADigital or Print1
Marsden, Kelly S.The Shadow RisesFantasyPrint1
Marsden, Kelly S.The Witch-Hunter Trilogy (The Shadow Rises, The Shadow Reigns, The Shadow Falls )FantasyDigital1
McFarland, KMSong of the VampireDark Fantasy/Paranormal RomanceDigital1
McFarland, KMUnder a Bourbon Street MoonDark Fantasy/Paranormal RomanceDigital1
McFarland, KMMasqueradeDark Fantasy/Paranormal RomanceDigital1
Montague, RoseNorma Jean's School of WitcheryUrban Fantasy/RomancePrint (Signed)1
Morris, T.H.The 11th PercentSciFi/FantasyDigital (PDF)1
Morris, T.H.Item and TimeSciFi/FantasyDigital (PDF)1
Norry, JayWalking Between Worlds; Book 1: Demons & AngelsFantasy/Paranormal RomanceDigital1
Rockefeller, LaurelCathering de ValoisNonfiction/History – All AgesDigital3
Rockefeller, LaurelMary Queen of the ScotsNonfiction/History – All AgesDigital3
Rockefeller, LaurelBoudicca: Britain's Queen of the IceniNonfiction/History – All AgesDigital3
Schneider, C.L.The Crown of Stones: Magic-PriceEpic FantasyDigital (Kindle)1
Shaw, MarkThe Keeper of the WindFantasy – YADigital1
Turner, JacciBending WillowAdventure – Middle GradeDigital3
Turner, Jacci TerryThe CageAdventure – Middle GradeDigital3
Vance, CEHow Maxwell Grover Stole My HouseAdventure – Middle GradeDigital (PDF)3
Whitley, Lu JBloodMarkedUrban Fantasy/RomanceDigital (Kindle)3
Wright, DanAmanda Moonstone: The Missing PrinceChildren’s – Action/AdventureDigital1

1st Prize (2) – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors
3rd Prize – Choice of 3 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Bonus Prize -- Chose of 2 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors
Congratulations to our first ever #IndieRoar Challenge winners!

As a reminder, we would love for the winners, and all of the Challenge's participants, to share the love and give a review, or two, for Indie books you like after you've read them!

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