Saturday, 6 June 2015

#IndieRoar Challenge - Day 6!

#IndieRoar Challenge - Day 6

Go out into the world and proclaim your love of Indie books and authors! Publicly tweet your passion in action! #IndieRoar

What do we mean? Go out into the world and take your Indie love, passion & gumption and share with us! Take your favorite book to the park and have lunch with it! Snap a shot and let us see!  Heck, if you wanna say, "I Love Indie!" do it in a BIG way! (Just don't get arrested...)

Feel like High Tea with you favorite author? Make it happen however you can!

Craving a day out and about? At the races? At the dog park? Maybe at the zoo? Show us how you INDIE!

'Cause indie is a way of life in addition to HOW we we come to market.

Bring your creativity to the fore and show us your #IndiePride!

The challenge ends on Wed, June 10th so we're more than halfway through it!  Start dreaming about your Amazon gift card & your fabulous new Indie books!
1st Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors
2nd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 4 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors
3rd Prize – Choice of 3Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors
Winners will be announced on Friday, June 12th, 2015. 

You should have received the list of prize books available to the three winners last evening.  If you have not received them please visit one of the blogs below for the post entitled, "IndieRoar Challenge Book Prize Listing".

Remember, you can also find each day's challenge pinned to the @NoteBkBlogairy Twitter account, and on the following blogs:

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