Sunday, 14 June 2015

Arcane Awakening by JT Williams

Title: Arcane Awakening

Series: Saints of Wura


Elinathrond burns. But the book of magic is safe from the grasp of The Order... For now.
Shipwrecked onto a rocky island, the Saints of Wura find help from unexpected quarters. Learning that their purpose is to return magic to the world, they must travel south in search of two relics crafted by the elves and dwarves just before the curse was unleashed in the age before.
With storms of rebellion brewing and old evils closing in, the Saints learn that the Legions are marching across the northern realms kidnapping the innocent and tightening their grip upon society. A rift is erupting across the lands, a change is coming to the world, and at every turn they are hunted.
Even among the Saints, disunity disrupts their course and threatens all they hold dear. If they are to remain true to their ordained tasks, they must resist their personal desires or a greater darkness will consume them all.


Coming of Age
Dark Fantasy
Short Stories