Thursday, 25 June 2015

Eternal Curse: Battleground by Toi Thomas

Title: Eternal Curse: Battleground

Series: The Eternal Curse Series


In the future, will all the petty problems of everyday life be fixed or will it all go down the tubes? Giovanni and Mira can’t really say since they are too busy fighting the ongoing battle between good and evil in order to save the world- fixing it will simply have to wait.
Sometime in the fairly distant future, Giovanni and Mira are enjoying a life together but they are living no fairytale. When tragedy strikes in a way Giovanni is not prepared to deal with, he will have to decide whether life amongst the humans is worth fighting for or leave it all behind to seek a righteous calling.
Giovanni, along with a new ensemble of half-breed comrades and human companions, heads into battle to face Marcos, his greatest foe. Blood, bone, and ash will be left on the battleground and the world will never be the same.


Supernatural Suspense


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