Sunday, 11 January 2015



It's the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Bootlegger and ex-pilot from World War I Wil Driscoll has reluctantly accepted an invitation from an old foe to attend a dog race in New Orleans. He's on the lam from the gangster he works for after losing his cargo in a plane crash and desperately needs to strike it big. Wil soon discovers that he has to share a hotel room with Albert Crow, an eccentric but ambitious treasure hunter who hopes the weekend's race will finance his long sought-after expedition to the Chichen Itza ruins of the Maya in Mexico. During a weekend he hoped would be his ticket to riches, Wil crosses paths an old flame, who is now a jazz singer and flapper, has a run-in with the notorious New Orleans Black Hand gang, and begins an adventure to unknown and exotic places with supernatural secrets. It will be much more than just a day at the races.

The Golden Merra is a thriller that delivers the action fans of pulp fiction, noir and all things gangster have come to expect. This piece of historical fiction will appeal to readers of action/adventure, history and even the paranormal alike.