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Felicity is a Senior Caregiver in an elite Rest Home. When she has her curiosity aroused by a poster placed the wrong way round in a window across the valley from her work place, she organises an investigation. Little does she know that what she finds will change time itself, both for the elderly residents in her care, and those she knows and loves. In a story that breaks down the boundaries of time, the future is threatened by jealousy and greed, the present is fuelled by passion and love while the past is eased by the healing powers of memories finally understood.

When bestselling horror author Joe Delgado is brutally murdered in Miami, a shocking chain of events unfolds. Four of his contemporaries from the horror fiction fraternity - his friend, Nic Legrand; the American, Matt Myrick; the quiet, reclusive Lindsay Eddowes; and the enfant terrible of horror, Jonathan Wraith - are invited to London to hear Delgado's one last mysterious wish. Curiously, Delgado has instructed them to embark on a Halloween trip to a haunted French chateau. But what is the purpose of their journey - is it a meeting of minds? Is it a publicity stunt? Is it a joke? Or, is it something much more sinister? In a turn of events that sees the four authors trapped in their own real-life horror story, they try to uncover who would have written this story and what script would they write.

2035. The world is filled with technology. Big and small. From the tiniest of devices to giant supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence. Humanity is in the middle of a Techno Boom. The Boom had its beginnings in 2020 and grew into The Prime Years. 33. 34. And now 35.
Computer technician Laura Jamieson sure had a job on her hands when dealing with the evil Supercomputer ‘Giga 6'. After she removes the ‘bad egg' chip from his brain, the two gradually become firm friends. Can machines and humans work together to fight the Extremists before they carry out their wicked plan to kill all the young people in the world?

Lost? How can an experienced Traveller who regularly travelled through the portals from world to world, get lost?! Addamus couldn't understand it... and what made it worse was the fact that he couldn't remember anything either! Listening to his new-found friends, Ahrella and Horace, he learns that they all knew each other from the past; but how was he to remember, when he didn't even recognise the language he was speaking!
Together with Ahrella, and her pixy servant, Horace, they travel to Shamorra, principal city in the Realm of Cor'Vhinnia where, Ahrella hopes, they might find answers. But their journey is beset with strange and violent weather conditions and the party barely escape with their lives.
In Shamorra they seek out Arramel, a scientist and fellow Traveller who knows something of Addamus's plight: but, having found him, things seem to become more complicated rather than helping Addamus with his memory!
Together, the four are faced with what is probably their biggest challenge and prepare to stand up to their enemy of legend - the Mhagash people of Mhagenna - and a difficult journey across the mountains. But here again, what they thought was true, wasn't... Events in Mhagenna have taken a surprising turn, and what they find there is possibly the last thing they expected!
Battling their way through the portals between worlds they must pool their resources with some unlikely allies and defeat the threat to Cor'Vhinnia and the Northern Realms, a mission often fraught with danger!
And of Addamus's memory? Well, you'll have to read Strange Moons Rising to find out!

Two friends, Jerome and Peter, and a girl running from a harrowing past, become involved in an epic journey of discovery. Accompanied by new friends, they become the target of The Reformation, but why are they so interested? And will their evil secrets be unveiled before it is too late?
As startling truths and hidden powers emerge, under the unseen guidance of a torturous phantasm, the group are mercilessly shadowed further and further away from the safety of the world they know - to the very edge, through the gates of a hell that has only ever been imagined...
The fear that lingered inside wasn't that of fatigue; it was what they were pitted against - strange beasts shrouded in darkness, coming at them through the dimensions of a different time and space. It was as though the light twisted and shied away from a demon beneath.
A story of coming of age: magic and mystery, battle and betrayal, romance and revenge, James Val'Rose creates a world of fantasy that will have you hooked from the very first line, in this first instalment of The Theurgy Revolution.

Kara, 31 and single (very single), is in emotional meltdown when her dreams come true, meeting Frey (gorgeous and Swedish), instantly having a mutual attraction.
It is no chance encounter; Frey is an elite Warrior descended from Vanaheim and The Fates have brought them together for a reason.
Her world is turned upside down (all nine of them, apparently) as Kara is plunged into the magic and myths of Norse legends, which she is expected to belong to and believe in.
With traitors in every realm conspiring to prevent their joining, a dark elf attempting to entice Kara with his bad boy charms and a moody Norn assigned as her guardian enforcing rules, can life get any more complicated?
Absolutely! As NOTHING can prepare Kara for the truth of who she really is... the power she has... or the choices she can make...
Even Gods should be careful what they wish for.