Saturday, 8 August 2015

Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino by Jane V. Blanchard

Title: Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino

Series: Woman On Her Way


Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino is about Jane V. Blanchard's journey on the Camino de Santiago, a millennium-old pilgrimage across northern Spain. Through Jane's experiences and discussions she has with other women pilgrims she meets on the 500 mile trek, you will discover why the Camino (also known as "The Way") attracts people from around the world, and what it means to embrace the Camino.
• Learn how to prepare for the Camino, about the daily rituals in long-distance walking, and the camaraderie shared among these modern-day pilgrims.
• Visualize the beauty of northern Spain through Jane’s vivid descriptions.
• Understand why the journey becomes the highlight of so many people's lives.
When Jane first read about the Camino in a book by Shirley MacLaine, she wondered why a 60-year old woman would want to go on such an arduous journey. Twenty years later and at age 60, Jane set out to do the same—and her life changed.