Saturday, 8 August 2015

FERTS by Grace Hudson

Title: FERTS


The Forkstream Territories surrounding the Elan river comprise the surviving townships in the wake of post-war chaos. FERTS is the sole containment facility for the protection of females from mercenaries, its location safely hidden from the sparse remaining population.
Within the facility, the female Internees are chosen as ‘Vassals’, transported to the townships to service the male Resident Citizens. The Beta and Omega Circuits of FERTS are divided according to attractiveness and fertility ratings, while the lower rating Internees are chosen for hard labor in Kappa or as fighters to represent FERTS in the monthly Epsilon Games, against deadly opponents with a taste for pain.
When Beth 259201 is demoted to Epsilon Circuit after failing to follow a simple regulation, she faces certain death. A novice, lacking the necessary skills, 201 must rely on her intellect alone to survive.
Reader discretion advised: This book contains sex/violence, and memories of abuse.


Science Fiction
Dark Fantasy