Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hunters of Satan's Monsters "Legend of the Rolling Calf" by Horace Mallette

Title: Hunters of Satan's Monsters "Legend of the Rolling Calf"

Series: Hunters of Satan's Monsters


Hunters of Satan’s Monsters: Legend of the Rolling Calf is a science fiction, supernatural thriller follows the story of Horatio Stephen Mellette who, after living for forty years, realizes he is only ten years old — being that he was born on a leap day — and belongs to an order of supernatural beings who live for as long as three hundred years.

These beings work alongside humankind and other hybrid beings in a secret organization that is set up worldwide to defend humanity from the various evils that traverse the earth.

He is recruited and trained to use his special powers that start to manifest themselves on the eve of his fortieth (or tenth leap year) birthday.

The secrecy of his new life causes him to lose the people in his old one. With heartache and a great deal of stress, he must learn to come to terms with what he has become. He must learn to deal with the intrigues of this organization even as he goes out to confront the supernatural.


Science Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Urban Fantasy


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