Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bjorn & Bread by Scott McGowan

Title: Bjorn & Bread

Series: The Bjorn Trilogy



In the second day of Mars in the year of the disabled wasp… A storm gathers, trees bend in the howling wind and the mountains scream their warnings to all who surround them. Lights flash in the skies as lightning crackles and thunder rolls. As the earth shakes in the valleys, the animals make for shelter and the forests clear away their inhabitants to make way for the teaming rain and the ferocious hail erupting from the dark and cloudy heavens. This is no time to be presenting yourself to the elements. In the dank, misty fog that covers the land there are none so bold as would wish to be pressing through the shadowy and murky backlands of the terrain we see before us; None who had any choice at any rate. Glad Lockforger, a humble Dwarf from the small mining community in Mirkhead , was on such an unfortunate passage. Bruised and near broken from his journey, he trod on through the soggy, soiled ground beneath his small feet, wincing in pain with every step. His journey had been a long and arduous one and had taken him many weeks of hard slog and deep determination to manage forth, ever onwards towards his ultimate destination. It was all going to be worthwhile though. On the other side of the mountain before him lay Tallochmhar, the land of the King. He had to get there. He had to tell his tale. He had to get a beer…


Epic Fantasy


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