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Darkness Echoes - A YA Short Story Collection


Til Death Do Us Part by L.A. Starkey

A love that stands outside of space and time...


Jennifer and Zach have been best friends since birth, but as their senior year approaches, things change drastically. With little time left to reveal her heart before college, Jen plans a night to remember at the old haunted Vandercamp Mansion for Zach's birthday. It's just to be the two of them, and no one was to know, but upon arrival, they realize that their presence was expected. Their connection is forged as realization of their past is granted. A love that stands outside of time and space will not rest - Til Death Do Us Part.

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Witch Moth by Kelly Hall 

Kitty thought the two were curiously symmetrical, as if their beauty needed the other’s to exist—like strange counterparts keeping the whole world in balance.


Dominic Dane has endured his sister Dahlia’s evil deeds for decades while the two serve out their hundred year punishment, but when she threatens to use his new-found crush as her Halloween sacrifice, he realizes she’ll never change. Promising Kitty he will stop at nothing to save her and her friends, Dominic is forced to explain his curse, revealing it’s not just Dahlia who must kill to survive.

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Dahlia raised a brow and scanned her brother up and down. “Well, did you catch anything on your little fishing trip?”

“She’s not what we’re looking for. I think we should wait a while and see who else shows up. That one is far too headstrong, and—“

“And you’re crushing on her.” Dalia stamped her foot and took a step toward him. “You know that’s unacceptable, Dom. We can’t have any attachments. We either spell her or kill her, but I have no use for pets.”

“She’s not your pet, and you will not speak of her that way. We need to find someone else and that’s all there is to it.” Dom walked into the house and slammed the French door behind him. His sister appeared as if she’d passed through it and kept after him.

“Don’t you walk away from me, Dom. You know I’m right. You’ve got feelings for her. I know you better than anyone, and I can see it in your eyes. You’ve got to stop it now before it gets any worse. If you care for her, we’ll find another, but she’s got to stay away. You know the rules, Dom.”

“I know the rules, and I didn’t ask for this, Dahl. One fling with a vampire, an impossible stepmother, and this is what I get for defending my own sister.”

Placing her hand on his shoulder, Dahlia looked deep into his eyes. “It’s a hundred years, Brother, not forever. Besides, it’s your chivalry that got you into this mess. It wouldn’t have been nearly as awful if you’d just stayed out of it. You owe it to me to see it through.”

“Don’t put this all on me. I was defending your honor. You were the one running around with that blood-sucking maggot. And as for these sacrifices, it’s not us, Sister. It’s not how we are. We’re not killers.”

“Maybe it’s what we are now because it’s all we can be. There’s hardly any changing things now, so let’s just finish out this dreadful sentence so we can get back to our eternity. We’re almost halfway through it. We’ve come this far.” She glared at him. “Our only other option is to forfeit our power and longevity—to be human.”

He let out a sigh and glanced up at his sister. “I’m weary and lonely. Just once I’d like to meet someone and be genuine—not plotting to eat them like some animal.”

“Well, forgive me for being such a demon, Brother, but I intend to do whatever it takes to be the witch I was before—anything it takes. I’m sick of being weak. I’m not about to disobey the curse and be human just to save someone who is going to be worm meat long before me anyway. So if that’s where this is going, get it out of your head. I’m not letting you do it either.”

The Coming of the Skin Walker by D.E.L. Connor 


When warriors Walking Bear and Nine Fingers rescue amnesia-ridden Lina from the clutches of the immortal Skin Walker they must flee on a harrowing journey where ancient Native American secrets and mysticism unfold, innocence is lost, and the forever bonds of love and friendship are tested.

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Lantern by Chess Desalls 


Five days before Halloween, all sixteen-year-old Tori has on her mind is vacationing with her family and scoring lots of candy. Her grandmother’s estate, with its Gothic spires and trails that lead out to the woods, holds an unexpected secret: a lantern that lights up for Tori and nobody else. Certain that it’s a ghost or a prank, she investigates further and discovers a mysterious life that shines in the darkness. 

Cloak of Echoes (The Netherwalker Series, Book 1.5) by CK Dawn 


Just as Emma Kincaid came into some disturbing empathic powers, she lost her mother in a car crash. She is also pretty certain she's being followed, maybe even hunted. But, is it the shadowy creatures that haunt her nightmares or the mysterious guy, shrouded in darkness, who just enrolled at Jefferson High?

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Hallowed Eve by DB Nielsen 


Ten years after the sinister disappearance of her father, the turmoil begins again with the stealing of souls … Seventeen-year-old Evee is forced to accept her birthright of dark secrets and death as she inherits the role of Soul Guardian; a role that brings her into the dangerous influence of a coven of witches and the enigmatic, alluring Hunter, Ben, to defeat the rise of dark magick.


‘Daddy? I thought you were dead.’

He laughs but it sounds bitter. ‘Not yet.’

His words make me feel afraid. None of this seems real.

But his hand on my wrist feels real. Very real.

There are frown lines on his forehead now. ‘You must listen to me, Evee. I’m sorry that I have to do this to you, munchkin, but you’re the only one. The souls. You must guard the souls.’

All of a sudden, again, there is more demonic laughter. Mocking. Cruel. Hard.

I feel a thrill of sheer terror overcome me; the bang of blood in my ears, in time with my pounding heart. Behind it, there is a snarling, snatching sound, almost like dogs readying themselves to hunt in a pack and I imagine I see the movements of wild shadowy beasts on the other side of the room.

My father’s grip on my wrist is so tight it hurts. His fingers dig into my flesh. I don’t think he is aware that he is still holding me.

The ground and the walls behind him burst into flame. From here, the heat licks at my skin and singes my hair. My lungs burn as it roars like an animal unleashed, now gone wild.

Evee, run!’ My father screams and pushes me toward the office door, his words almost swallowed by the popping sound made by shattering glass as he is engulfed by the inferno.

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