Saturday, 27 June 2015

Indie Pride Day 1st July 2015

Indie Pride Day 1st July 2015

Join every lover of Indie Books and Indie Authors in the 2nd Annual second year of INDIE PRIDE DAY as a collective supporting Indie Books and Indie Authors..
Join in and show your love for Indie Books and Indie Authors. 

Lift the Indie Author Industry as a whole and bring awareness to Indies
Build readership and become competitive with the mainstream market
Make indie trendy!


There are a few things you can do to make this a HUGE SUCCESS for our INDUSTRY.
Just 5 simple things to do to spread the word

1. Join the Thunderclap 

Yes, this does require you to follow the link, above and actively SUPPORT WITH TWITTER, FACEBOOK or TUMBLR - or all three.

2. Sign up for the FB Party

Invite as many people as you know to the Party :-)

3. Print the 'I SUPPORT...' sign 

and snap a pic(s) of yourself and your favourite Indie Book holding up the sign. Wait until July 1st to post the pic. Please ensure all posts include the actual #IndieBooksBeSeen hashtag text.

4. Visit the IndieBooksBeSeenBlog

Share your work - or work you love - and at least 5 others using the social share buttons within each post.

5. Invite others to get involved

Just Share, Share, Share 

Lets Do This Together!

    ALSO - Please know that this event is sponsored by ‪#‎Indiebooksbeseen‬. It's their annual event to gleam attention to the Indie Book Industry. It's our large splash in the pool - TOGETHER!

Add your support by Joining the Indie Pride Thunderclap
Click on 'Join this Thunderclap' then choose Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
to MAKE A HUGE NOISE for Indie Pride Day

Print a copy of this sign and hold it with yourself and your favorite Indie Book :-)

DON'T share it before July 1st, but be ready on July 1st to drop it on your Twitter, FB - any social media platform. It's our collective ROAR! (-:


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