Friday, 27 February 2015

#IndieBooksBeSeen 2015 Catalog

#‎indiebooksbeseen‬ is in the process of putting together an indie catalog for 2015.

The catalog will be distributed during book expos and school panels that we are planning for this year.The cost is $35 per author based on 100 authors signing up.This will cover your book info ,set up cost and cost to ship to those authors doing events for us.

Email the following to Adeline via

  1. A jpeg pic of your cover
  2. A QR scan code pic (this can be generated through various websites like 
  3. Three web links of your choice that feature the book or your author pages (full web links starting with http:// ) 
  4. A synopsis (shouldn't exceed 50 characters).
  5. The genre of your book

Only 1 title per author will be represented in this catalog, you can use your links or scan code to showcase you others book titles.
I would also ask that you add an additional $5 towards setting up an indie presents at a couple of expos planned.
Once we have collected 100 entries only then will i start to collect the money.

All other enquiries can be directed to Mark Shaw via

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